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Making Working Bibliography / Works Cited

Tutorial 1: Quick Cite: Click Here

Use Quick Cite for pre-formatted database citations(Opposing Viewpoints & SRIC) - you will love this!

For most Viewpoint articles in a collection of articles, select Article in Anthology/Collection.
Use Article in Anthology even if the article is an introduction to a book.
SCHS students using MLA will have to make fewer changes, so it is even easier than this example .

Tutorial 2: Using the MLA formatting guide: to type into Noodletools - use for web site, magazine, newspaper or book articles

Web site citations: Be SURE to fill in both boxes, including the title of the specific article used:

Tutorial 2A: Changing citation source, such as from Print to Database, is easy!

Making Notecards and Outline Modesto examples

Tutorial 3: Making Notecards

From the Bibliography or Works Cited screen, next to the source click on NEW to create the notecards.


  • Be sure to give notecard a unique title that tells the main idea, because the title of the notecard will be a line in the outline.

  • Be sure to link notecards to the correct citation:

To check for notecards not linked to a source, click or tap on Show/Hide Thought cards (notecards not linked to a source).

Tutorial 4: More about Outlines

Snipping to Noodletools

-Make a blank google doc
--Copy snip with ctrl C

-Paste into the blank google doc
--Ctrl C to copy from the google doc ( Yes, I know you just pasted it there! It associates a URL with the snip. )

-In Noodletools notecard: ctrl v to paste into quote box on notecard
--Click on picture icon top right of quote box to resize to about 500 pixels wide, to see without scrolling.