All web sites are not created equal!

Check for: A B C D

Author - is the author an expert in their field?

Check domain: .org, .edu, .com, .gov, .com, .k12, ~
• Name, email, phone, address ?
• Qualifications ?
• Link about the author/ organization ?
• Search for the author / organization name
• Advertiser, scholar, student ?

Look at top or bottom of page, on main page of site (truncate URL), or follow links.

In another window, search for the author's name.


WHY was this written?
• Designed to educate, influence, sell, or entertain?
• Is there bias?
• Check links from the page
• Check links to the page
in Google box NOT address box


• Date created
• Date last updated
• Copyright date
• Dead links?


(How) WELL? Can you tell if this is based on reliable information?
• Is there a source stated for information?
• How does it compare to known information (such as encyclopedia)?
• How does information compare to other web sites?
• Is it accurate and free of grammar and typing errors?